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Lost in a Fairy tale

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Lost in a Fairy taleLost in a Fairy tale. Oh, yeah, there are so many wonderful fairy tales coming from various places all around the world and each one of them brings its own story, its own point that is valuable for young children but for grownups as well. There is definitely something that brings magic in that structure of words retold in wonderful way, supported by unforgettable characters that stay in our heads forever, as archetypes that remind us on substantial values in life. So captivating that makes us want them over and over again, even if we are not in our youngest age…

Little Layla is definitely a big dreamer since she also enjoys stories so much. Her grandmother is a really great story teller that every night tells her a new fairy tale, transferring her into a mysterious world ruled by fairies, kings and queens, including numerous other amazing characters. Layle loves those stories very much but she is also aware that it is about stories, except this one happening that turned the things is other way…

One night when Layla was going back home from her regular visit of her grandmother, she decided to choose the shortest way this time, in order to get faster home. Walking that way, something really strange opens up before her a huge space, same as the one described in the fairy tales told by her grandmother. Those sights look amazing but at the same time Layla feels scared by the view, she didn’t ever imagine that those stories could be true?! The girl feels like she is lost in her grandmother’s fairy tale and we can’t say that she feels good there… Let’s help her find the right way and come back home safe.