Lords of the Ocean

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Lords of the OceanLords of the Ocean. We all need modern Robin Hood, and not one, but many of them. The world today is full of injustice and intolerance and we all dream of one guardian angel, as Robin Hood was to the poor people. He was the heroic outlaw in England and very famous swordsman. His goal was ‘take from the rich and give to poor’. Can you imagine such a philosophy nowadays? Sounds so idealistic and in very rare excludes, it almost doesn’t exist.In today’s game for you we are a bit romantic. We created characters that want to save the world from the bad and to make a better equilibration between people and diminish the differences. Instead of having Robin Hood, we introduce you heroic pirates that rule in the Pacific Ocean. Maybe they will remind you of Johnny Depp and Keira Knightly in the odyssey ‘Pirates of Caribbean’.

Lords of the Ocean. Pirate John and his escort pirate Ella are famous in the public as masters of the Pacific Ocean. Together with their team of pirates have conquered most of the islands and have robbed a lot of royal ships. John and Ella do this for their poor people and they always choose extra expensive ships and staff, so they would have bigger benefit from. All the money that the king takes from them in a norm of tax, they simply return to their folks. And people simply love them. Royal ships always float with fear because John and Ella attack when you at least expect, because they know the island very well.

That is simply their home. They have enslaved a royal boat that carried a lot of heritage and food. Our player has the role of a pirate and all together with its friends pirates they should explore the new boat and to collect everything that is worth it on it.