Lonely Night

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Lonely NightLonely Night. For this weekend we offer you a game that will take you beyond the normal. Maybe you don’t believe in paranormal things, but let the fantasy take you beyond your limits. Paranormal events are usually those phenomena which lie beyond normal experience or scientific known explanations. Have you heard of daydreaming? For some people that is normal thing. You might find yourself walking in your dreams and arrive from one to another point without realizing how you did it. Or, no matter how much one won’t admit that doesn’t believe, how many times have you been in a situation to think that the place you are at the moment, isn’t the same place you have been few days ago?

Lonely Night. You don’t have to believe these things, just let the imagination, what would be if it would be. Some sort of a deja vu phenomenon our hero of the day has survived. That is the feeling of having already experienced the present situation you are put in. Melinda is a girl which at the moment is at a place which she dream of few nights ago.

She is devastated and very much confused because she doesn’t know if she is been dreaming or what is happening to her is really happening. Melinda needs to find out the exit from this dark place. That is the only way she can come out of her nightmare. But, that is not an easy thing for her at all. This seems very familiar scenario for horror movie, isn’t it? She is on her way to find the exit. Will you help her get out of this terror?