Living the Tradition Game

Living the Tradition Living the Tradition. It is hard to generate when it comes about traditions. There are people that appreciate them and try to follow some patterns of behaving that were more typical for the life many years ago like some patriarchal patterns for instance that are still supported in some place in the world. On the other hand, most people live a modern city life, go to work, use advanced techniques and that fast tempo of living does not allow paying so much attention at the tradition, they have to be focused on contemporary things.

Mark was a typical city guy, born in the city, raised in the city, finished school there… However, his grandfather and grandmother live in the village and they are owners of one of the most beautiful farms in the world. They have been working on this farm for so many years so we could say that this is a perfect farm that works really well.

The grandparents have decided to leave the farm to Mark as heritage. Mark was little bit surprised by the decision since doesn’t know anything about working on a farm but he felt willing to risk, to accept the offer of his grandparents and move into the village. He would have to learn a lot but he simply likes to continue the family tradition. Perhaps it would be quite interesting and challenging for him, to play on this not so known field, so he will definitely give a try.

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