Letters for Veronica Game

Letters for VeronicaLetters for Veronica. Meet this great lover boy! Assuming from his acts and intentions, you will see how romantic he is. His girlfriends name is Veronica and he likes to take her on a date. His plan is to buy flowers, chocolate candies and earrings for his special lady but also he likes to write her letters, to express his love for her. And he has done all of that, he bought everything and written those letters, but somehow he has managed to lose all those things! Maybe it is because of the huge dose of adrenaline, he was probably feeling nervous before the big date, but now he has a double job to do, except the buying, he needs to find the presents that he has lost! Are you willing to help him?

Now before you start helping this poor boy, check out the instructions for playing. The game is played with the mouse. Once you spot an object, you simply point at it with the mouse and you click on it with the left mouse button to collect it, easy as that. On the same way you select the hint options, just by clicking on the field where is written hint. If you have a laptop and you don’t prefer a mouse so much and you think that you are faster and more precise with your fingers, use the touchpad instead.

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