Legend of the Swamp Game

Legend of the Swamp Legend of the Swamp. Among the rarest animals that live in the wetland of the Pantanal are the marsh deer and the giant river otter but also parts of the Pantanal are home to the following endangered or threatened species like the hyacinth macaw, the crowned solitary eagle, the maned wolf, the bush dog and the South American tapir. However, there is also a legend that says that in the swamp can be found the largest crocodile in the world that is even bigger than a fishing boat. The science doesn’t prove the existence of this animal but this story has been spreading around for many ages.

A group of young enthusiasts have also read about this old legend of the Pantanal Swamp in Brazil. Soon they become obsessed by the idea of going on that place and finding that giant crocodile. They have already at the local cantina where they asked one of the elders for more information about the crocodile location. Soon they will be there, searching for some clues that will take them to the place where the crocodile is seen supposedly for the last time.

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