Legend of the Sea Game

Legend of the Sea Legend of the Sea. People could be greedy sometimes. OK, not just some times, many times! There are numerous examples about people ruining nature in order to get to certain treasure of to get to free resources. Without taking care if those resources are renewable or they will leave terrible traces on the earth. Sometimes the nature pays back in order to keep its balance but sometimes people go that far that nothing could be done in order to preserve its beauty and significance.

Diona is a mermaid who is in charge of keeping the underwater treasures safe. That counts for the mysterious locations that should be kept away from people sight. So no man could find them, but also for the sea legends that shouldn’t be revealed too. Even if that might sound little bit wicked, she actually gives people wrong traces, directing them to look for some wrong locations. Because she doesn’t like her world to be revealed and eventually destroyed by the people.

Between those legends that have been successfully kept by Diona is the one about the submerged civilization of Atlantis. Diona has managed to hide that part of the sea where this land was submerged rather successfully. She likes this story to stay just a legend and no one to find out the secret about it. Enjoy and have fun in playing Legend of the Sea Game.

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