Legend of the Lamp Game

Legend of the Lamp Legend of the Lamp. The story of Aladdin and his lamp is a story that has been very interesting for the children but also for the grownups. Because it opens the question about luck and brings hope to people. The story of Aladdin is part of the famous ‘Book of One Thousand and One Nights’ and it talks about the poor boy Aladdin who managed to fulfill his dreams thanks’ to a magic lamp and the genie that comes of that lamp when he rubs it.

He even managed to marry princess and fight against the evil Jaffar – quite amazing story that gives hope that those things could actually happen to anyone.This is a story but also there are stories that this oil lamp actually existed. Even if it is not really related to the genie that helps dreams to come true, it is surely a lamp that has a great value. However, our adventurer find out that in one hotel decorated in orient style, there is the real Aladdin’s lamp.

The amazing story about that lamp and the hope that it might fulfill every wish forces our friend to danger, just to find out if this lamp really hides a ghost that has an incredible power. See what’s going on in that place, and if it’s possible, help our friend find the lamp.

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