Lavander Summer

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Game Details

Lavander SummerLavander Summer. Hot summer, colder summer, amazing summer…many different epithets could be given to describe the summer, but do you know what could possibly be a ‘lavender summer’? The following game will take you in one place that has the most beautiful summers ever. It is about a mountain place with a small house and lavender field. One thing that makes this place so special is the wonderful view that appears on sunset. When the sun goes down, behind the mountains, the sky turns from its color from golden to bright orange. You know that the lavender has deep purple color and orange and purple are completely contrasted colors. Field with purple flowers and orange sky is something that everyone should see because this landscape is definitely breath taking. That’s what we mean by ‘lavender summer.’

The following game takes us exactly on that place. You will be able to see those amazing colors but also to spend some time in that small village, exploring its streets and enjoying the interesting architecture. While you do that, you’ll be also looking for some hidden objects. Your visit to the place will be divided into levels and to pass a level, you have to find 10 hidden objects that will appear on a list under the main picture. Only by finding all of them, you could move into next level, and of course, finish the whole game. Enjoy the summer and the game!

Lavander Summer is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.