Laundry Attendant Game

Laundry Attendant Laundry Attendant. Lori is a girl that has just got a new job as a laundry attendant. After looking for a job for e certain period, Lori finally got one, so she is looking forward to start the job. This is her first day at work at the residence of Mister Carl who is a very famous businessman. This famous businessman takes a lot of care for his look because he believes that looking nice and neatly is very important for the work but also he likes to have everything in a perfect order, including his clothes.

That’s why he has chosen to have a laundry attendant, a person that will make sure that his clothes are exceptionally clean and set in a perfect order in his dressers.

Taking care of clothes may sound as an easy job and it may be taken in general but on the other hand, in this case, could be quite hard. The house of Mister Carl is huge and he has so many dressers that have to be set in a perfect order. Since it is about house that is that big, Lori needs some help to handle with it. There are many floors, many rooms, that means many dressers and a huge amount of clothes that have to be set in the right order so because it is first day at work for Lori, let’s help her show herself in the best light and keep the job longer.

Laundry Attendant is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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