Late Night Chat Game

Late Night Chat Late Night Chat. After 15 years of marriage, the married couple Davis has to be set apart for a longer period of time. Helen’s husband has to go on an official trip abroad next month and he will be there for a while. At first this sounded little bit scary and threatening for their relationship but once they thought about it, they realized that there could be a way how to maintain their relationship, even if they are not together all the time.

Thanks to the development of the modern technology, Helen and her husband find a solution how to feel close even if they are not together. Helen has decided to place laptops and cameras in each room of the house so she could talk to her husband no matter in which room she is. That way she will be able to perform her everyday duties while he would be always around her, in some way.

No matter how complicated this sound, the distance actually brought back the romance in their relationship since there is something provocative in all of this… But let’s see how one ordinary day looks for the Davis couple.

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