Last minute Shopping

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Last minute ShoppingLast minute Shopping. Barbara always appreciated her profession very much so in order to progress in it, she lived abroad for many years. And perhaps the job was great, she learned numerous new things there but usually it is not that easy to gain friends when you are abroad, or you may have friends but they would never know you as the friends you have since you were a kid.

So, Barbara lived for so many years abroad and she got used to celebrate her birthdays alone, convincing herself that a birthday is not such an important day – day like every other day. However, this year she is at home for the birthday, in her home town, so her friends like to make her happy on the day of her birthday. They would like to make her an interesting birthday, so they have announced themselves a few hours earlier that they will come on a birthday dinner. Barbara is so happy about it, she can’t wait to meet all her friends but on the other hand she is little bit panicked.

There isn’t much time left so she has to be fast and efficient and use that little time left for buying everything that she needs for the dinner. After that last minute shopping, she has to prepare the birthday dinner and wait her friends prepared. Barbara has the idea about the dinner in her head, she knows what she needs so far, but let’s help her finish her duties faster before the birthday party officially starts.