Land of the Monsoon Game

Land of the MonsoonLand of the Monsoon. Some trips are unforgettable, they seem to be surprisingly more interesting that you could imagine. Some trips are fool of unpleasant, bad luck issues that make you want to half them down and simply return home. You never know what you get out there. One has to be prepared of anything and bring the best mood possible. There are people that simply want to go to places where not too many people have gone, they want to touch the untouched, to feel the rare feeling of being special. But, don’t ever forget to do a little research about the place you are visiting.

That might help you have better time and have less unpleasant surprising moments away from home. We all admire people on TV that are great adventurers. They sleep on open air for days, all alone, eat whatever they will find, just to survive, there are people that hide away from civilization, just to be alone with themselves. But, one thing is for sure – we should never forget the rules of nature, because when she strikes, she doesn’t care if we are ready or not.

The hero of our game today Is quiet an adventure guy. Donald loves nature. He is crazy for traveling and it is in his blood the habit to go for dangerous and imprudent adventures. His last idea was to visit South Kerala, area in India, where monsoons are very common thing. But, his curiosity brought him into one of the most unpleasant trips ever, because his small boat couldn’t stand for the huge rains and waves and was drowned near the Kerala cost. Now, he is in the situation to look for help from the local people to help him find his personal stuffs and to make it somehow to fix his boat. And, after the rain will stop, he could leave the place that he was so much fond to visit. Be kind and help Donald find his things.

Land of the Monsoon is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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