Land Beyond Clouds Game

Land Beyond Clouds Land Beyond Clouds. Few days ago, Hazel faced rather unusual event, something that she doesn’t see often, even though the lives in a rather strange place. This girl actually lives in a magical village. This place can be only reached by a hot air balloon so there are not many people that could visit that place.

One day, walking through the neighborhood of her village, Hazel finds out a magical lamb. This lamb is actually a lamb with a real giant in it, believe it or not! And as it goes with the genies in the bottles, this genie is supposed to fulfill three of her wishes. However, the giant refuses to fulfill her three wishes! He is not willing to cooperate unless she takes him to his home that is located high in the sky. Hazel leaves with her balloon, looking for the land of the good genies. This land beyond the clouds is rather interesting so Hazel decides to help the lost genie and enjoy this amazing place.

You could also enjoy those places, traveling together with Hazel and exploring what is hidden there in those distant places, located up in the sky. Search through every corner of this unusual land and perhaps you will meet even more good genies that could fulfill your wishes as well.

Land Beyond Clouds is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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