Lake of no Return Game

Lake of no Return Lake of no Return. The Bermuda triangle is a mystery a long time ago. It is believed that a lot of people have disappeared exactly this place and there is no answer why is this happening at all. In today game we offer you a similar story, one that is full with mystery. A lot of people have never gone back after they have visited this lake. No one knows the answer why is this happening so.

The witch Dania and wizard Amadeo are masters of the cursed lake. Which is famous for the name ‘Lake of no return’. Each person who has wandered at this lake, all the fishermen who have gone for fishing, all the campers that has stopped to sleep at least one evening by this lake, disappear mysteriously. A group of adventurists this evening arrives by this lake. In front of them there are the masters of the lake.

Dania and Amadeo pose them tasks, if they succeed in solving these tasks, they will be released and they are going to be the first to return back alive from this place. Let’s start the game. Try not to be lost and fulfill the mission. You are going to safe the life of a lot of people.

Lake of no Return is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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