Lady Agnes Residence Game

Lady Agnes Residence Lady Agnes Residence. Love, the most beautiful thing in the whole world. A magical feeling that makes the whole world a wonderful place, a better place. Love is a feeling that everyone that has been or is in love recognizes really well. Those butterflies in the stomach, that excitement that fills the heart with incredible energy, that ‘pink point of view…’ That is what Mister Kevin feels about Miss Agnes, the lady he finds to be the love of his life. And that is all very nice because Lady Agnes shares the same feelings with him. She finds him very attractive and intelligent gentleman that shares same interests as her, so she likes to spend time with him.

Today Mister Kevin has decided to visit Agnes in her house. She lives in a nice house that is located in one very quite area, near the city park. Kevin wanted to surprise her in her home but he didn’t find her there. Miss Agnes was somewhere out, so M-r Kevin decides to wait for her in the house. He thinks that it would be really nice to take a look of the house in the meantime, seeing the objects there.

He thinks that this way he will get to know Agnes better, learning something more about her, her way of living and her habits. Let’s be a company for Kevin until he waits for his lady and take a look of the place together since it seems that there are many interesting objects there.

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