Kitchen Makeover Game

Kitchen Makeover Kitchen Makeover. Yes, nothing is eternal, especially some material things like furniture or clothes for example. They go out of fashion or the person that owns them simply gets bored by having them for such a long period of time so it’s time to make a change and add something fresh and new in life. Changes are always good because with new objects usually go new feelings and new memories as well.

The Henderson’s are a married couple and they have been together for many years. The kitchen that they have in their home is quite old, perhaps from the day when they got married so now it is quite old-fashioned, but at the same time the pair is willing for something new and different from what they had for so many years. That’s why they have decided that it is time to change their old kitchen with a new and modern, but first they have to gather money for that.

Thinking about a way to earn more money, they have decided to organize a garage sale, to sell the objects from their home that are not needed and use at least one part of the money for making a new kitchen. The garage sale is organized by the wife and she will do everything to complete the action in perfect order. We truly hope that the garage sale will be visited by a lot of people and they will manage to sell most of the objects.

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