Karla’s Place Game

Karla's Place Karla’s Place. Moving from one place to another should be for finding a better place but sometimes it could be different, some people never get used to the place, no matter how good it is. Karla was living in a village and she was really satisfied from the life there. She simply adored the nature and enjoyed long walks on fresh air, she enjoyed working in the field and taking care of the farm, even though she was quite young when her parents decided that they should leave the place and move to the big city. Karla’s parents were completely sure that this is a good decision because they were actually little bit tired from the work there and they wanted to provide their only child a better future.

They thought that living in a city much better because everything is available to them, the girl could choose every school that she wants and after she finish it, to find a better job for her, something that wouldn’t be as hard as working in the field. That’s why they accepted new job in the city and they all moved. However, Karla never managed to get accustomed to the city. She can’t say that it isn’t nice but she dreams about getting back to her old village house. Every spare moment Karla spends it in the village, enjoying in the moments from her childhood…

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