Karlas Curse Chapter 3 Game

Karlas Curse Chapter 3 Karla’s Curse Chapter 3: Breaking the Curse. You have probably passed the previous two sequences of the strange story about Karla, the girl that has suddenly turned into an old lady, but let’s remind you one again of what has happened. This girl was at home, doing her everyday things when suddenly she turned into an old lady. That was something that could not be explained so she believed that it is about some strange curse or some powerful black magic that could make something like that really happen. She was wandering around without knowing what to do, following some footsteps that leaded her deep in the forest when she came upon a cemetery that was supposed to be abandoned for many years. There was some light so Karla realized that there is someone at the cemetery.

Now Karla is there, at the cemetery and decides to get a closer look of what exactly is going on there. The sight that Karla sees at the cemetery is terrible! There is some woman doing some things, seems like she is planning some kind of ritual to make herself young and beautiful, like she is taking Karla’s youth and replacing with her old age. Will Karla manage to deal with that terrible lady and bring back her youth? Seems that Karla’s destiny depend on you!

You managed to pass the previous sequences of the game and you brought Karla so far, so let’s finish the job and bring back Karla’s youth, she would be very thankful.

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