Karlas Curse Chapter 2 Game

Karlas Curse Chapter 2 Karla’s Curse Chapter 2: Uncover the Mystery. This game is the second sequence of the story about Karla, the girl that suddenly became old. Just to remind you, this girl turned into old in just one moment, completely unexpected and unexplained, so the only possible explanation that she has on her mind is that maybe someone has cast powerful magic upon her, or cursed her, which also is not logic but it is what it is… At the beginning Karla could not feel something particularly different, but as the time passed, she started to feel so old and very tired. It has become hard for her to move or do something, like she was getting additionally older in every next minute. That means that she has to take the things in her hands and do something in order to break this incredible spall and bring back her previous condition.

In the previous sequence of the game there were some strange footsteps leading to somewhere, so since she doesn’t have any particular better choice, she will start following those footsteps, hopping that they will lead her to the person responsible for this mess. After a certain period of walking Karla realizes that the footsteps end in one place, there is some light over there but what could it be?

Soon Karla realizes that she is in the middle of the old cemetery that was supposed to be abandoned. Supposedly no one went there for ages but now it seems that something is happening over there. This must be some kind of witchcraft… To be continued…

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