Karla’s Curse Chapter 1 Game

Karlas Curse Chapter 1 Karla’s Curse Chapter 1 The Beginning. Carla is a young woman, or at least she was before this strange thing happened… Everything was doing fine and normal, she returned at home and started doing some everyday things. And she was just about to water her flowers when something really strange happened, something unique and completely unpredictable. Like some powerful magic was cast upon her and turned her into a very old woman, right away in that same moment. A curse is the only explanation that Karla could give about her situation. Or maybe it’s about some black magic because no one could logically explain this sudden turn of the things.

At first she was devastated and really confused, without knowing what to do next but then she saw footsteps. It seems like those footsteps lead deep into the forest, maybe those footsteps will take her to some place where she could figure out what has happen to her… or at least she could get some explanation about her condition… To be continued… Enjoy playing Karla’s Curse Chapter 1 Game.

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