John’s House

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Game Details

John's HouseJohn’s House. Adventures are always fun. Whether it’s traveling around the world or looking for a hidden object in a mysterious place, we always find something that catches our eye. Today’s game is both about adventure and discovering something mysterious. The story takes us in a small village known as ‘The Paw Village’.

The Paw village is a small mountain area, abandoned for a hundred years. It is known for the brave and adventurous men who traveled from the deepest parts of the continent to the highest peeks of this area’s mountains. The most famous of them was John Bennet. He is best known for his discovery of an ancient temple in Egypt and a secret dungeon in China. Some people say that when he died, he left part of his valuable objects in his house. The other part was assumed to be hidden somewhere in the mountains.You are a young adventurer who heard rumors of a map hidden deep into his house. You arrived outside of his house and start searching for clues.

John’s House is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.