Jack’s Time Machine Game

Jack's Time Machine Jack’s Time Machine. Have you ever imagined travel through the time? To go back in the past in some ancient times, visit the Mayas, or the old Egypt, or maybe take a visit to the Stone Age, even go in some part of the future and see what is expecting us next These are all amazingly interesting things to do, but however that is still impossible for us, unless someone has that powerful machine that could provide time travel Well Jack is the one that has reached his childhoods dream to travel through the time, believe it or not! It is time now to test this machine and Jack needs a companion for that so you seem as the perfect choice!

Don’t think that there will be a lot of buttons and a lot of difficult options for controlling this time machine all you need is your mouse. Start with selecting the mode by clicking over the option with your mouse and the game may begin. Open the first level and the concrete game-play is based on point and click. Once you spot the wanted item, click on it using the left mouse button and that’s it. If you have laptop, you may play the game on the touchpad. Now we are free to say: Let the journey begin!

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