Italian Vacation Game

Italian Vacation Italian Vacation. A group of British tourists visit the small medieval village of Nieve. Which is situated in the region of Piedmont surrounded on three sides with the beautiful Alpes. They wanted to find out more about how grapes is grown. And what conditions and magic it takes from them to be produced the finest wines. They concerned a tourist agency and their tourist guide chose Nieve as the best choice, because it has big tradition in winemaking. Our player has the role of assistant tourist guide. And he needs to think of all the details and small secrets that could be interesting for the Britons. He arranged for them to be able to walk through the wine yards. Where locals explained all the phases of the grapes growing.

After that, they had the chance to see how the grapes are collected and packed for the next phase – the wine making. Tourists entered the big laboratories dressed in special equipment to see what kind of chemical preparations should be done. The assistant guide thought of a nice way to amuse the tourists. He organized a small game in which, who could guess the more types of grapes that there are in a wine, would get an award – a bottle of wine. That was great idea!

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