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Italian SummerItalian Summer. If you are the romantic type of a woman or a man, no matter where do you live, Italy would surely be the country you would love to visit, at least once in a life time. And, even though you don’t admit that you fall for nice beaches, for narrow streets with flowers, old architecture, one of the best kitchens in the world and even more, the best wines there are, who would dare to resist that. Italians will always welcome you with a smile on their faces, and you would always want to come back or research new part of the magical country. Some prefer the city museum itself – the eternal Rome, others like more the dazzling beaches of Capri or maybe the romantic towns of Florence or Verona, where the most popular young lovers described in the literature can be found – Romeo and Juliette.

Italian Summer. Young Kimberly has visited Italy for the first time. She is quiet a romantic type of a girl and Italy has always been the destination of her dreams. Walking through the narrow Italian streets, she meets with Gerardo, a local guy of her age. And, as in the best romantic comedies happens, this guy is offering her to be her guide through downtown. They agree to meet each other in the center of the town. Kimberly finds Gerardo pretty charismatic and romantic young fellow and senses that an interesting adventure might show up.

While she is waiting for Gerardo to show up on the meeting point, Kimberly decides not to waist a minute to take a good look of the center of the pictorial town herself. Though she planed to stay for a week in the heart of this country, she decided to prolong her vacation and ask for few more days off from work. You would do that, wouldn’t you?