Isobel’s Diary Game

Isobel's Diary Isobel’s Diary. Many teenagers have this habit to write their thoughts in a diary. That is a wonderful way to deal with the inner thoughts and the challenges that everyday life brings to young people. They are growing up and seeing many things for first time so having that kind of an overview of the happenings sometimes could be really helpful.

But there is one other aspect of the things that sometimes changes their mind – the curious parents. Sometimes they think that they know best so they are sneaking around their teenager’s diary and reading what’s inside without paying attention to the fact that their child is doing that in order to keep his/her privacy and doesn’t like someone to read it. But in the case of Isabel, reading her diary was maybe the only way to solve the great problem. Isabel disappeared from her home one week ago.

The thing is that she is only 15 years old and who knows what is happening into her mind, who knows what has led her to do such a thing. It could be a boyfriend, maybe she feels mad on her parents, maybe her friends made her do that, or maybe something much worse like kidnapping or something. Isobel’s mother doesn’t know what else she could do in order to find her daughter so she decides to take the problem in her own hands. She opens Isobel’s diary and starts reading it. She believes that that way she will find out which are the places where Isobel goes, which are her friends, how she is thinking about the things happening around her…

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