Island of Thieves

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Game Details

Island of a ThievesIsland of Thieves. Cheryl Jones, at first sight an ordinary girl, but in her heart she is an extreme adventurer, and that’s why she has decided to choose archeology as profession. Perhaps you remember this girl from the game ‘Secret of Shambhala’ and this is one more of her never-ending adventures that takes her again in one exotic place, place as you have never seen before, but let’s start from the beginning.

Cheryl discovers that a significant treasure is stolen from the Swiss bank few days ago. It is about important artifacts with a huge value that have to be found immediately because in other case they could end up in the hands of some criminals that operate with artifacts. Those people sell the artifacts, earning a lot of money but at the same time they ‘erase’ the history of some place, of a certain nation or some happening that played a significant role. That’s why Cheryl has to hurry up and find those objects that are believed to be in one island without any inhabitants, located far, far away from civilization. Cheryl goes there to assure herself that the treasure is really there, acting brave and being prepared to reveal the truth.

You will be Cheryl’s companion on that trip since you’ll be looking for the artifacts as well. You will visit few places at the island and in each one of those places you will look for certain hidden objects. With finding them you finish a level, and with that, you will get to the end of the game. Wake up Indiana Jones in you and good luck finding the treasure friend!

Island of Thieves is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.