Island of Spirits Game

Island of Spirits Afia is a girl that lives on the Island of Spirits. She is a voodoo magic trainee and has the ability to communicate with the ancestors. They can tell her the secret places where they have hidden their treasure. Afia promises that the gold she is going to take away from them she is going to use it for the saving of their island. The island is under big thread of commercialization from the biggest touristic agencies that work there. Afia is giving her best to make the island a protected zone.

Our main character of the game has a very important mission to save her favorite island from the minds of the cruel businessmen from the tourist agencies. They want to destroy its authentic image due to the need of welcoming more and more tourists over. They are willing to destroy the originality of the specific island. The tourist managers started to ruin the specific architecture of the houses and hotels by putting all kinds of posters and lights over them. They force loud music in the restaurants and discotheques, something that has never been an image of the place. They started offering also food that no one has ever before, like burgers and chip grill, unlike the lovely fish specialties for which the island was famous in the world.

Afia couldn’t stand to watch the destroying of her magic place. That’s why she used all the magic knowledge she had to save it. Off course, you our player are here to help her. Though she knows a lot about this issue, she needs your help, as well. Good luck and make it your best to return the right and true shine of the magical island.

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