Island of Secrets Game

Island of Secrets Island of Secrets. Welcome to this incredible adventure. This is a quite unique story, you will hear things and get to know facts that are very unusual, at least in these modern times. All of that will be followed by a completely new gameplay, something that perhaps is not that typical for hidden4fun, but it is equally interesting and even more intimidating. But let’s start from the beginning and see what is waiting for us on this Island of secrets.

After many years, Mary comes back to the island where she was born and spent her days as a child. She was very young when she left this place together with her parents. Her parents are not alive anymore I now Mary is coming back to the Island to finish all legal issues related to the inheritance of the property of her parents. Even though this property belongs to her, the people that live on the island show resistance to all of that. There is another strange fact about this people. Namely they are wide known for doing black magic…

Mary realizes that the documents that prove that the property belongs to her are locked in the house, but she can’t enter into the house because the house has been cursed. Mary stands in front of a strange mission. She has to find the amulets that will help her break the magic and enter into the house without troubles, in order to find and take away the needed documents.

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