Island Carnival Game

Island Carnival Island Carnival. Perhaps the carnival in Rio is the biggest carnival known worldwide. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any local carnivals good enough to attract a lot of attention. The island Gauda for example, organizes every year carnival under masks. Last year Naomi had the privilege to win the prize for best mask. And that’s why this year she gets the responsibility to organize the festival.

Before the festival, people that take part in the carnival have to prepare their masks. It is not about masks that could be bought somewhere. But original handmade masks made by the participants and that is the reason why it takes time to prepare them. You will also take part in organization of the festival. So you will work together with Naomi. Showing your creative side while making those amazing masks.

Besides preparing the masks, the organization includes preparing the space where the carnival would take place. Where the masks will be shown. That is also very important part of the organization because besides the local visitors of the carnival. There will also be a lot of tourists at this manifestation. Naomi has succeeded to invite people from all around the world and since the carnival starts to build a good tradition, many people are interested for a visit.

Island Carnival is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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