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Into the Unknown


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Into the UnknownInto the Unknown. For today we offer you a little adventure that will take you in a different world. The missions of finding some lost treasure, which the most often even in stories and in movies is a fiction, very seldom are inspiration for artists. It seems like the whole adventure to put the people’s minds into a trace to think where could the treasure be, is the most exciting part of the whole mission. Great believers even in reality are very much convinced that out there in the world a lot of lost fortune can be found and they never give up.

Those are usually the men that want to get richer without bothering a lot, they want the so-called easy money. We all know that those easy money very often are not with good kismet, because they are not earned with hard work and dedication. But, unfortunately especially today’s world goes like that – young people want to get richer with smaller effort.In today’s game we are introducing our leaders – two children that want to find lost treasure.

Into the Unknown. Rose and Brian are two children that have put themselves into a mission to find the lost treasure in the village. But, Rose’s and Brian’s inexperience made a whole group of children to get lost somewhere far from the village. They showed that sometimes being stubborn and not listening to the old people and parents isn’t the best choice. Now they have to find the way back to the village. They decide to split themselves in two groups so they can find the way to their parents easier. Our player has the role of one of the children from the group and at the beginning chooses in which group he or she will be, weather with the team of Rose or of Brian. It’s been awhile since we hadn’t had children as leaders in our games, why don’t follow their imagination and play the way they want us?