Into the Forest

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Game Details

Into the ForestInto the Forest. Many young people decide mountain climbing to be their hobby. And even if some people do this activity without paying too much attention about their previous preparation, there are people that like to be really prepared so they spend a lot of time doing different trainings, before they start climbing more serious heights. They work on their physical condition but at the same time they learn how to deal with the nature, how to handle a complicate situations.

Anthony is a young scout that has started scouting not many time ago. He always thought that he knows everything and that he is a type of a person that could easily handle different situations so he wasn’t concerned at all when he lost himself while hiking in the woods. It is true that the young scout get scared a bit and little bit confused so at first he didn’t know what to do but after a while he became calmer and he started remembering the skills that he learned while he was on the campus. He has to remember everything if he likes to move on and he has to do that quite fast, in order to leave the woods before it becomes darker and the night starts.

Anthony may remember all the details that he has learned in the campus but it would be also nice if we could help him a bit to leave the place as soon as he can. Let’s explore together and find the way out from the woods.