Inside the Evil Boat Game

Inside the Evil Boat Inside the Evil Boat. Starting from the Greek mythology, sirens took very big part in it, continuing to take part in numerous other legends. Those dangerous yet beautiful creatures were described as femmes fatales who lured near sailors with their captivating music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. One of the most famous stories about them is the one with Odyssey. All members of his crew were charmed by their voice, no matter how hard they tried to stay calm…

Well something similar has happen to Captain Jack. One year ago his boat was possessed by evil fairies. They actually seduced the other members of the crew and order them to swerve from the planned route. That was terrible decision but the sailors were completely out of themselves. So the next thing that happened was the boat crushing into an abandoned rocky island. And most of the crew members died, jumping into the seas, seduced by those evil fairies.

After one year Captain Jack goes back to his boat. He takes a great risk because he enters there again, but he has to face those charming creatures in order to take back his personal stuff. He has been thinking about finding a way how to stay immune to their calling. How to keep his thoughts and don’t let them be influenced by the fairies. This will be a very hard thing to do, but he has strongly decided that he has to go through it.

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