Indian Summer Game

Indian Summer Indian Summer is a period of the year when the nature expresses its warmness. Together with its astonishing power to create wonders for the eyes and the spirit of a human. It reinvents itself in amazing scenes bred from a melange of colors available only in this part of the year.

Kimberley is enchanted by the nature’s ability to deliver marvels. So every year, Kimberley loves to spend a couple of days in her cottage in the mountain. Where she can enjoy the ‘Indian Summer’. This morning, she has gone exploring the surrounding area around her cottage. And has decided to reach the small mountain lake set on the other side of the mountain ridge. But, as she wanders around the lake. She discovers a deserted cottage whose mysteriousness she finds interesting and challenging for delving into. She starts wondering who has lived in the house and what the reasons were for leaving it deserted. She finds the cottage and the location ideal for her prospect adventures during following ‘Indian Summer’ experiences, and she decides to buy it. But first she has to find out who the owners are and whether they are likely to sell it to her.

She invites our player to follow her in her inquiry and help her discover the needed pieces of information. While going through the history of the cottage. She and the player will enrich their amount of knowledge with data about the ‘Indian Summer’ and about the setting in which one can enjoy the perfect creativity of nature.

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