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In the Heart Of The Jungle

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In the Heart Of The JungleIn the Heart Of The Jungle. Karen and Jerry are leaders of the assignment in which they need to discover part of the jungle and they have to find the lost city of the Chantite. Chantite are the only civilization about which few people really know. The history knows that Chantite lived here in this areas and they were obsessed with believing in magics. They also believe that they built their city nearby the great diamonds mine in the jungle. Their placement has provided them to live safely, because the access to their place was simply impossible. Karen and Jerry have decided to find the long time lost city.

What way would they choose to achieve that, you can simply find out if you join them in the game. Get a bit destructed today from the Christmas table and New Years’ Eve preparations and let the imagination take you far away. There you will be on the safest place.