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HousekeepersHousekeepers. The right to become owner of a house or of a land is one of the basic human rights. Imagine how surprising could it be if one day you get a phone call and someone tell you that you are the owner of million dollars from some close relative you have never seen. And then poverty is all gone. Yet, it is even better when your close relative, your grandparents for example decide to leave their house or property. Is there something better for you to wish for, especially if we are talking about your close family. And then, years later when it comes time, you can leave that to your children or grandchildren. But, if it is very important to keep the place in best order, because it is very easy to destroy something.

Brenda and David are owners of the company called ‘Housekeepers’. The purpose of the company is to maintain the houses that were left without owners. Exactly that is the deal with Hellen’s grandmother’s house. Hellen inherited her granny’s house, but unfortunately, Hellen doesn’t plan in near future to live in it, but as well she doesn’t want to give up and she doesn’t want to sell it. She accepted the gift with great surprise and love and especially that it came from her grandmother that she loved so much.

That is why Hellen hires ‘Housekeepers’ to keep in good shape the house and to take care of the house so it won’t fall apart. Our player is one of the employees of ‘Housekeepers’. You should do your best to keep the house in the right order and live the dream of Hellen’s grandmother. She wanted to give the house to her favorite niece, and if she doesn’t do her best to save that memory, it will all go away. You wouldn’t want that, would you?