House on the Prairie Game

House on the Prairie House on the Prairie. Tamara is one of the most successful real estate agents in the country. She loves her job very much so she likes to offer everyone something nice, according to his/her needs. It’s not just about selling the particular apartment or house, she likes to give the perfect place to everyone and that’s why she always asks the costumers carefully what would they like, what are their needs and expectations. That’s why Tamara has sold so many estates during her career and that is the thing that makes her so good in her job.

Like in every career, real estate also have certain challenges. Sometimes it is about selling some particularly big house or someplace that is decorated too extravagant so the agent has to find a specific type of people, in order to sell that place. Sometimes the challenge is the location, an apartment that is too far from the urban surroundings or the opposite – it is in the center of the city, those two options could be tricky as well. In this case the big challenge for Tamara is the small house on the prairie whose owners look for a very high price for selling it. As they say, the reason for that is that there are many old objects in the house that have a really high price at the antiques market.

Today in the house arrive the potential buyers of the house and our player is in a role of Tamara’s assistant. You will have to be very careful in finding the old valuable objects because the new buyers like to be sure that it is about a real artifacts, about objects that really have some artistic value.

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