House on the Hill Game

House on the Hill House on the Hill. People usually wonder whose house is that lonely house on the top of the hill. The house looks nice for sure but it seems that no one has been there for a long time. The action of this game takes place in exactly that lonely house on the hill that actually belonged to one artist who is now late.

After many years, one of the daughters of the artist comes in the place because she likes to remember the days when she lived there with her family. That period of her life could be definitely called a quiet and peaceful life because this house is far from the city noise, far from the urban life. Since her father was an artist, he worked in the house where he had built a wonderful atelier on the top of the hill where he drew and painted his most important pieces of art. However, after the father died, no one has come there so everything looks exactly same as it was many years before. That is what excited the daughter most, she feels like the time has stopped because everything is on its place.

She decides to walk around the place and look for some objects that she remembers since she was very young. The game is actually kind of a walk all through the levels, or let’s say a walk through the past and looking for the objects that will refresh and bring back the childhood memories. Or that’s what this walk means for the daughter but for us, it’s another interesting experience that has to be taken.

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