House of Treasures

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Game Details

House of TreasuresHouse of Treasures. We are sure that you know what auction is. It is a process of buying and selling goods or services in one particular way. The issue is offered with one price and the buyers are bidding until the highest offer is made, and that person gets the good. The reasons for taking this kind of buying are different. Some people are hoping to get something interesting for a good price; some aim concretely on certain item (like some valuable painting or object), willing to have it under any circumstances and give a lot of money for it, while some people go to auctions simply for fun. They find spending their money as something that gives them adrenaline and competing with someone gives them even bigger pleasure while the items are not so important.

In the following game it is about a house that has been set on an auction. The owners sell the house but together with the inheritance left in it. Besides the regular furniture, there are also some very valuable objects there and they are on auction too. We have the exclusive opportunity to enter into the house first and see all those precious objects.

Like most of our games, the action of this one is also divided into levels including different part of the house. In each level you get a list of objects that need to be found in the picture and just by finding them all, you move into the next level.

House of Treasures is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.