House of Shades Game

House of Shades House of Shades. Gladys is a very brave and very hardworking woman. While other women choose easier professions and are satisfied by being hairdressers, saleswomen, florists or something like that, she has chosen a profession that for many is definitely a men’s profession and that is being a woman-cop. This woman has gone over the prejudice many years ago and she does her job perfectly, capturing numerous criminals so far. She has took part in the most dangerous police actions but this time it seems that it is about something little bit different and completely new for Gladys.

Gladys gets complains from the Brooks family. The house that is positioned right to their house is abandoned from the owners many years ago. This house is danger for the whole neighborhood. You may start asking yourself how an abandoned house could be danger for someone but this situation is completely extraordinary. Very often people that love around the house hear strange voices and see suspicious silhouettes and shadows so they are really frightened. Since there is no other explanation about the situation, the neighbors that live near the house started believing that perhaps the house is haunted by ghosts.

Gladys has arrived at the place. At first sight the house seems quite normal but we know that it is not like that so the investigation has to start right away. Gladys is quite excited because she hasn’t faced anything like this before so she could use some help from you as well.

House of Shades is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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