House of Mystery Game

House of Mystery House of Mystery. OK, we have heard many stories about ghosts and other supernatural creatures but usually no one from our immediate surroundings is a witness of that happening. Usually it is about stories that date many years ago or the story starts: in some place far away from there, there were rumors about vampires or so, but nothing concrete or proven.

In was same with the family included in this game. Like all people, they have heard many mystery stories about strange and supernatural things that could possibly happen but they didn’t know anything about it since they haven’t experience it until these days…

It’s that the last few days some objects from the house went missing. They thought at first that it’s just a strange coincidence but something that happens many times becomes a routine and this family doesn’t feel safe at its home any more. For example, the owner of the house woke up one morning, like every other morning, and he reached for his mobile phone that he usually leaves on the night table, near the bed but he was really surprised seeing that the table was empty! He leaves the phone on that place every night and he is quite sure that he left it there the last night. It could be someone stealing the objects or it is about some supernatural creature?! Help this family solve the great mystery of the house.

House of Mystery is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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