House of my Dreams Game

House-of-my-Dreams House of my Dreams. Probably every person dreams about a certain perfect place where he or she would like to live most. For some people those dreams are big and they imagine huge yards and castles while other people dream simply about their own place for living, small but adequate for their needs.

Maybe the house of the dreams won’t come right away but that doesn’t mean that we should stop dreaming. It is like that for the married couple Hamilton. They longed for the house of their dreams for so many years but they simply couldn’t find a house like that so they’ve decided to buy an old abandoned house. In this house they see the chance of making the house of their dreams. They need just a few bucks to renovate the basic stuff in the house and start living there.

They will make everything look exactly as they want, changing one thing by another. They also found a way to get to money. They look for everything that is worth from the old house and sell it so they earn money for their dream house. Actually in every level they look for those valuable objects and sell them and after that, in every new level they buy new elements for the house. This game actually shows us how two persistent people are able to build on their own the house of their dreams.

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