House of Mist Game

House of Mist House of Mist. Besides the vampires there are also vampire hunters, just like Demetria’s mother. Whose profession is to deal with those paranormal creatures. Vampires could be a real threat and since they can’t be deal with that easily. There are professionals that are skilled enough to do that. Demetria’s mother has taken care of many vampires and she is really famous in her profession but during her last mission she has fall into a trap of one the most notorious family of vampires.

Worried about her mother, Demetria is looking for a way to save her and since she knows something of her mother’s job, she has decided to engage into search for the mother and find her before it is too late. This is quite dangerous mission since she is supposed to enter into the house of the vampires, where her mother is hidden, find her and save her.

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