House of Illusion Game

House of Illusion House of Illusion. Well we are not sure what is happening in that house included in the following game. It is known as the most mysterious house in the world because no one could manage being there since the house simply creates illusions. The thing is that the objects there move by themselves. You enter into the house and there is one particular order of the objects there but after a while all objects move around, change their places and soon you think that you are in some other place.

That’s what’s bothering the family that lives there but they don’t like to be ‘beaten’ by the house so they don’t move from there but they put the object on their right place many times a day. It is up to you to discover what is hiding behind this illusion. It is about magic or someone wants to play tricks with the owners of the house? Let’s search for a while and see what’s happening there. This game is one of the hidden object games at Hidden4Fun.

House of Illusion is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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