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House Cleaning House Cleaning. The wedding day is the best day in lives of many people. Young girls wait impatiently for their prince to come, they want to look perfect for the perfect day. They imagine that with years, having in mind the kind of dresses one would want to have and look like a princess. But, no matter how happy that day should be, it is stressful as well, because it means a lot of sweet nervous, which on one hand is nice, but on the other, when you think of it, it might be too much things to be done just for one day in your life. Life together starts after the ‘big’ day, and what is one day compared to a whole life in front of each other.

Our heroes for today have sweet pain. Foster family are in the late preparations before the wedding of their oldest daughter. As the order of things goes, the oldest will get married the first and you are guessing, they are preparing for the first wedding. That’s why they don’t know a lot of things, how to deal with a lot of details so they would make it the perfect day for their beloved daughter.

Fosters are very happy that in only few days their daughter is going to say the fateful ‘yes’. There are few more details left to be done, before the big party is going to start. One of the most important details is the general cleaning of their family house. The whole family is included in the task. The house has to be cleaned up, because Fosters will wait for the guests in their house. They try to make the cleaning which is by itself, not so funny thing, to be collective game for all. Off course, they want everything to be perfect for the wedding. They will need you here, our player, to help them. You can do that, don’t you?

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