Hotel of my Dreams

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Game Details

Hotel of my DreamsHotel of my Dreams. George is a counselor in one quite big and successful corporation. He’s been doing this for a longer time so he is really experiences and really knows how to handle things. The action happens in a hotel, Milenia hotel. It is about a luxury hotel that could be a wonderful place for living, not just for short stays, since everything is perfectly arrange – the surroundings, the apartments, the services. George already feels like home in this place because he has stayed there too many times, official and private. Today he is again in his favorite hotel and he has some job to do.

He is having an important meeting with clients coming from a huge company from Dubai. This is a really important meeting and if everything turns right, they should make an important deal that could relate the companies into successful future cooperation.

Hotel of my Dreams is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.