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Hotel of Illusions

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Hotel of IllusionsHotel of Illusions. Wrongly perceiving or interpreting things is not good thing at all when it comes to real life, but that is actually the core of magic and what actually brings popularity to those shows and activities. Choosing to be fooled by some illusionist is actually very interesting, but that doesn’t count for real life, of course. People allow the magician to perform his action and usually we stay amazed from the happening because their acts could not be explained by the pure logic, always there is something more.

Maybe you’ve been always asking yourself why there is always attractive blond girl in the performances of the magicians, when their role in the act is so minor?! The answer to that is very simple – the sight of the girl captures your attention and you perceive wrongly what is actually happening there or don’t perceive the right thing at all! And some of those illusions can be really scary, but it’s kind of relieving when we play with fear in controlled situations so we like to do it again and again…

Well that’s actually the point of this Hotel of Illusions. It is about a perfectly designed place that attracts numerous tourists all the time, as they say, the best place of fear. It is a place where the illusions are leaded to perfection, unlike any house of fear you have ever seen. We think this is enough to catch your attention and invite you on a hotel tour. However, be prepared that you could see many unusual sights there, but again that is just an illusion, perhaps the biggest illusion you will ever see…