Honor Quest Game

Honor QuestHonor Quest. Today the family honor is important but not as important as many years ago, at least not important in same sense. Evelyn for example is now in a very delicate situation that takes her to the most important mission in her life. Namely, there has been a terrible conspiracy, planned with intention to remove the king from his throne. There has been a riot against the king in the kingdom and Evelyn’s family is accused of planning the riot. Since those accusations are not right. The honor of the family is threatened so Evelyn likes to do something to help her family get out of the situation.

This will be great mission for the girl because almost everyone is convinced that her family is responsible for the riot. She will have to find evidences and reassure a lot of people that they are wrong. And that her family doesn’t have anything with the riot against the king.

This means that she will have to analyze the whole situation. Maybe to find the person that stands behind this happening. Because only that way she will prove the innocence of her family completely. Since this would definitely be a very hard mission. Let’s help Evelyn in it and collect some evidences before it’s too late and before her family looses the honor.

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