Hometown Weekend Game

Hometown Weekend Hometown Weekend. Only one place is called home or we have it mostly next to our hearts. You can leave in different towns, houses, countries, if you like, but, the place, the home where you grew up, would stay in heart and mind forever. And, why is that so? Probably, because the childhood connects us with those places, we remember the school friends, the neighbors, our first loves and everything connected to the innocent and cheerful childhood. So, it takes a nice short visit to that place, so we would feel the smells of the baked breads or the cherry trees that still are growing in the park next to the house.

For people who return to their birth towns a lot of years later, it seems pretty emotionally to go back there, to return to the good memories and the bad ones, if there are such. But, the joy is always there – seeing old friends, laughing about thing that you have done together, simply enjoying in the name of the good time that is behind us.For the weekends game we offer you this subject, because it reminds us of travelling, of enjoying good time. If you go back pretty often in the town where you got the first kiss, probably it won’t be always that emotionally, but, if the story is different, than, you might use some handkerchief.

After ten years Ashley is returning back home for the first time in her birth town. She has moved from the place when she was a teenage girl, and she moved away together with her parents. Some of the best friends in her young days still live in the town, so she wants to give them a surprise without calling first. Ashley arrives in her birth town and starts visiting the places of her young days and to remind herself of the nice memories she created in this town.

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