Hometown Stopover Game

Hometown-Stopover Hometown Stopover. 20 years ago Brigitte has moved from one place to another. When she was younger, she lived in a smaller but very beautiful city. She has numerous memories from that place but she hadn’t have any chance to come back home again for all those years. She has been remembering her childhood all this time and she felt homesick about it so today, this visit of the place after 20 years is actually a realization of her longtime dream. Brigitte walks through the streets of her town after so many years and she is so excited to visit all the places that mean a lot to her.

Some of those places look same and she could recognize them easily while others are not that familiar to her but she recognizes them as she walks around. Those places have marked her childhood and that’s why she enjoys them so much. Some of those important places are the house of her grandfather that is located in the city park, then the small school where she studied when she was younger and the city library.

It feels for her that she could remember about every single happening that has happen there as it was yesterday, not 20 years ago. Let’s continue this walk together with Brigitte and see all those places that mean a lot for her. Visiting a new city is always an interesting thing.

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